SYMBOL The Fish | QUALITY Mutable

ELEMENT Water | PLANET Neptune, Jupiter

As the last in the Zodiac, Pisces has learned all the lessons from the Zodiacs before. Pisces are highly empathetic, as they have a strong understanding of human nature and leave a lasting impression everywhere they go. A Pisces will offer you a judgement-free and accepting environment and will embrace you for who you are.

While Pisces have strong intuition and psychic abilities, when it comes to their own life, they can absorb too much outside energy. Since Pisces are so empathetic and genuinely kind-hearted, they can be manipulated or believe the first thing they hear. This sign particularly avoids conflict, as they are more easy-going and adaptable to their surroundings.

Love and Relationships

Pisces have strong communication skills and likely can make anyone feel welcome and comfortable. They hold their closest relationships extremely close and do much better in a relationship than without. Be careful, this sign is notorious for falling in love with love, which can cause a Pisces to end up in the wrong relationships.

Career and Finance

This is where a Pisces shines! Although they are more submissive in other aspects of their life, in their career, they want to shine! They take pride in what they do and enjoy the recognition that comes with it. Although Pisces are typically creative, due to their maturity in the Zodiac, they can excel in anything from Healthcare, such as a nurse or massage therapist to sales to even police officer or photographer!

Finances can be a bit burdensome for a Pisces, but with proper budgeting and planning, there should no need for financial challenges. Pisces need to be very diligent with reading the fine print and avoiding credit when financial red flags first start. That being said, due to Pisces pride in their work, they have the capacity to make a substantial income and invest wisely.

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